How to become a Team Leader in SFI?

As with all affiliate programs “slow and steady wins the race.” But having said that I realise that it only took me two days to become a Bronze Team Leader (BT) in SFI .

It’s fairly easy to become an Executive Affiliate (EA) when you follow the to-do list daily. In a certain way was SFI one of the first programs that offered a gamified experience. Follow and close all the lessens, do every task on the to-do list as often as you can and you’ll be an EA in no time.

But to gain from the full potential of SFI you’ll need to become a Team Leader. To become a Bronze Team Leader you’ll have to personally sponsor at least five affiliates (SFI calls them PSA’s).

Here are some tips to get from EA to BT:

1. Promote, promote and promote
As with every program to earn from affiliates you’ll need to promote as often where you can, everywhere you can. Don’t spam and don’t promote your direct affiliate link but use a squeeze page, in a future post I’ll go deeper into this subject.

2. You can buy PSA’s on TripleClicks
If the end of the month is approaching and you haven’t managed yet to get the right amount of PSA’s you can consider buying them on SFI’s own TripleClick system. There are several packages, for example here, here and here.

I got them delivered very fast when I bought a few and it certainly helped me progress faster.

3. Ask family and friends
You don’t just have to invite them to the affiliate side of things you can also send them personal links to items on TripleClick that they may like.

I hope that I gave some ideas here on how to progress faster in SFI. This certainly worked for me!

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